Akita chow mix breed

Posted on 01.12.2018 - Health

Reya the Chakita (Akita x Chow Chow mix breed puppy at 4 1/2 months old—" Reader is an absolutely gorgeous puppy inside and out. I had never heard of this . Akita Chow. The Akita Chow is the name of a breed of dogs that has been developed by crossing the Japanese 'Akita' with the Chinese 'Chow Chow'. These are. Hi there! Thanks for asking:) Both Akitas and Chows are breeds that are best described as "aloof guardians." They are devoted and loyal to.

The Akita Chow is a mix between the Akita and the Chow Chow. A large dog, the Akita Chow can weigh (on average) between 88 and pounds while. The Akita Chow, or the Chakita, maybe a recent breed with not a lot of history to Therefore, a mixed product of the two expensive breeds is a. Kamikaze is an adopted Akita / chow mix and is extra soft and fluffy. .. Dog breed: Saarloos Wolfdog (Saarlooswolfhond) - cross between a Eurasian Wolf and a.

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