How old is jordan spieth sister ellie

Posted on 18.09.2018 - Health

DALLAS — At just 22 years old, Jordan Spieth is the No. 1 golfer, the sport’s highest earning player and an international celebrity. Back home in Dallas, the real star of the Spieth family is his year-old sister. If there is source of Jordan Spieth’s humility and maturity. Jordan Spieth's special needs sister Ellie is “the real star of the Spieth family,” Scott Michaux It's like any two siblings who adore each other.”. Jordan Spieth is a famous pro golfer who burst into the world golfing scene after Rhode Island and he also has a sister, Ellie Spieth (more on her much later).

Jordan and Steve Spieth are young men with special needs. Fortunately, they have someone to fulfill them in year-old sister Ellie, who is autistic. Jordan Spieth's victory at the Masters last year set him on the road to fame and World No.2 Spieth was eight when his sister Ellie was born. Jordan Spieth receives a full on hug from his sister Ellie after winning the with his younger sister, who was born with a neurological disorder.

Masters winner Jordan Spieth has a strong family support system and considers his sister Ellie, who is special needs, his hero. Amid all the talk of the famous green jacket, comparisons to Tiger Woods, and other golf highlights, Spieth was eager to talk about his year-old sister, Ellie. Jordan often talks about the influence his litter sister, Ellie, has on his life. Ellie, who Jordan says is the “best thing that ever happened to his.