How to make a chameleon cage

Posted on 27.08.2018 - Health

Building your own chameleon lizard cage is often a satisfying experience. How to Make a Habitat for Your Chameleon. Chameleons make great pets. But to keep a chameleon healthy and safe, you need to give it a nice habitat. You can. Chameleon Forums Lizard Cage,. Visit Chameleon Forums Chameleon Enclosure, DIY Cage | Must make sure the wire is coated with plastic or a non-.

My old Reptibreeze Chameleon cage was practical, but I wanted the enclosure to look and feel more Make a drip watering system - Great for lizards, reptiles. Does anyone know of a guide on how to build a screen cage. I know jdog has a video on how to do it but I want to use wood rather than metal.