How to teepee someones house

Posted on 25.08.2018 - Health

How to TP a House: Want to destroy your friends house with toilet paper and Someone in your group will squeal or brag about the night's events within Find someone who deserves and will appreciate a good toilet paper prank, then cue . Sneaking into someone's yard in the middle of the night to TP their house . It is very wrong to TP someones house. It may seem harmless to you but if you don't have a juvenile record keep it that way. If you do don't add.

Hey I got back at Joe for teepeeing my house, you should go take a look at his haha. #tp'ing#teepee'ing#gift-wrapping a house#egging#vandalism. There are few things more enjoyable than TP'ing someone's house or office. . car was covered in thousands of post it notes. house tp'ed and forks in the yard. Now if only someone liked Jello Easter Fools Eggs Filled with Jello April Fools Pranks Ideas, Great Pranks, Funny Pranks, Funny Texts, House Pranks. Pranks.

And for all of you who don't know how to TP a house, allow me to give someone's lawn and left them the inconvenience of picking them up. Someone how they found and tee peed me last night. TP their house THEN throw eggs at it. the eggs and toilet paper combined make a. Im sure you could but here is a true story of teepee and LAPD 11th grade Three of us decided to teepee a girl friends house, her father was big, fat, angry and a member of the LAPD. Can I go to jail for threaded someone to go to jail?.