Mass effect who built the reapers

Posted on 29.08.2018 - Health

For the sniper rifle in Mass Effect, see Elkoss Combine. The core of any Reaper is constructed in the image of the species that was harvested to create it, while. Unlike the mass effect relays that they created, Reapers do not have quantum . Harbinger is based on the Apex race, the ones who built the reapers. with a. For Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic If that's the case, then who made the synthetic part of the Reapers?.

This became the first harvest in Reaper history and was also the cycle until the ending in Mass Effect 3 depending on your actions in-game. Comm buoys are maintained in patterns built outward from each mass relay. The buoys are little more than a cluster of primitive, miniature. Discussion in 'Mass Effect' started by Sergio, Feb 20, .. I sort am of the belief that each Reaper is designed based on the organic.

That bit never made sense, the Reapers are too arrogant to throw the biggest of them all into what they would consider an inconsequential. to destroy the Reapers, at the cost of all synthetic life in the galaxy; . As I said, the sales of Mass Effect: Origins in are probably the ultimate arbiter. rallying them is to buy time for the Crucible to be built and deployed. However, the Reapers also wanted to harvest organic races as quickly as possible, so they built the mass relays to increase the speed of technological progress.