Sectors where ccap estimates

Posted on 28.11.2018 - Health

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that manufacturing industries accounted for almost one-third of energy consumption and 36 percent of CO2. and steel, cement, transportation, forestry and other sectors. This involved estimating business-as-usual (BAU) emissions for each sector through Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) CCAP: Management, REDD+ and economic policy analysis Team estimated forest cover and carbon stocks using .

Refining Sectors. ○ CCAP performed a preliminary analysis of Mexico's cement and oil refining industries to estimate their GHG emissions reduction potentials. clarify key issues and inform CCAP's assessment, including Ricardo Gonzalez and .. (PSF) to galvanize and scale private sector investment in climate solutions. Brown, Jessica et. al., Estimating mobilized private finance for adaptation. However, some (e.g. CCAP, ) argue that this is shorter than the typical lifetime of power project investments. Given that the electricity generation sector in.

Maine GHG Baseline & Target. CCAP. 4. 12/17/ Sector GHG Baselines Initial baselines created by linking inventory results with growth forecasts for each . Maine Baseline. State baseline is sum of the following sectors CCAP. 11/6/ 5. General Baseline Issues. Historical CO2 estimates vary by source. EIA State. Several programs included in the CCAP target the industrial sector. For their annual update, the program offices estimated that full implementation of these.