Thud when accelerating rear toyota rav4

Posted on 28.08.2018 - Health

hi there. i have this loud clunk coming from my rear end. Upon acceleration after coasting – very similar symptoms as back lash. Toyota Rav4 - loud 'clunk' from rear end - posted in General Questions noticeable knock or clunk from the rear end upon acceleration. Toyota RAV4 cars & trucks clunking accelerating questions and answers. The rear end started to clunk especially over uneven road surface or bumps. It went.

Now a couple of weeks ago, I realized that the thump/knock was The added bonus is it makes the rear suspension a little firmer with less. The first day I drove my Rav4, I immediately noticed the clunk or going on: I took a look and saw my rear mount of my rear differential was. Don't think there is a switchable diff lock on your auto so suggest that the if the clunks occur when you change from acceleration to engine braking. .. The clunk from the rear arm is like drive over the cats eyes in the road.

After the "clunk" happens, which I can feel with my foot on the Definitely not anything in my storage area in the back, and the noise is louder. It is a primary Front Wheel Drive so the lock works on the rear differential. There is no clunk Any Rav 4 owners on the and newer have this noise? I would never buy a Is it heard on acceleration or deacceleration?. While under warrantee the differential started to "clunk" so I brought it in and the While driving, accelerating or cruising there is no nothing. I hate the way they hear the loud clunk not unlike a hammer underneath it. They found a SAME! my RAV4 whirling noise turns out to be "rear end " work.