What is alley dock

Posted on 09.12.2018 - Health

I'll show you how to do a 'dock', or alley dock, with step-by-step instructions, and a diagram. K53 Alley Docking | Instruction Video. Alley Docking 1. First pole in line with your shoulder (on the mark) turn once (') to the right; Second pole in line with. Hey guys, I'm currently in school for my CDL and this week we are working on the alley dock. I've seen it screw up a ton of students, so I was curious if you gu.

Alley docking is reversing into a demarcated parking bay and then driving out again. You have 2 attempts, and you must not hit any obstacles including the kerb. Position the bus so you are parallel to the entrance off set 18”. Drive past the alley dock and toward forward boundary. Stop parallel to boundary line no closer .