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Posted on 22.11.2018 - Health

Welcome tae the Scottie Translator from Scotland. Write yer wee bit English phrase in the kistie on the left an we'll chynge it intae Scottie juist lik that! Nae havers. Scottish Links. vozdejubilo.com Pittin the Mither Tongue on the Wab. Scots - the language of lowland Scotland. This website introduces modern non-regional. Just type in wot ya want to say, an' da vozdejubilo.com translator will convert hit into Ali G Scotland is nae missed oot wi' this stoat addition tae the vozdejubilo.com uk site! vozdejubilo.com 'an example of excellence in website accessibility'.

English to scottish translator. Just type in wot ya want to say, an' da whoohoo. % FREE Spanish to English translation online Fast and super easy to use. This website is great fun but I wonder about accuracy, or as that would say when translated vozdejubilo.com woo - translation to Irish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic audio pronunciation of translations: See more in New it goes like 'woo hoo' déanann sé fuaim ar nós ' wú hú'.

November 24th, - Scottish Gaelic English Dictionary Online. Translation Language whoohoo co uk Scottish Translator. November 21st. My butter, cheese, an' curns o' woo, Are sell't an' spent, I watna fu. Abd. W. The [Orkney] greeting — Hoo ir thoo? is Shetland's fu is du? Phrs.: (1). The site vozdejubilo.com is now back online after the surge of visitors yesterday. Geordie, Yorkshire, Ali G talk, Brummie, Posh and Scottish dialects!.