Conn helleberg tuba mouthpiece specs howard

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69C4. 62,. Helleberg. Conn. Helleberg. Standard,. 7B. TUBA MOUTHPIECE COMPARISON CHART. Cup diameters are for comparison purposes only. The list below consists of tuba (or sousaphone) mouthpiece specifications provided by manufacturer's literature. Different brands may measure slightly differently. S Standard, Tuba, Deep, Medium round, World-famous mouthpiece named * Please note: Conn does not provide numerical specifications for their mouthpieces.

Re: Crazy tuba mouthpiece It plays very similarly to a Conn Helleberg. Howard Johnson always seemed to favor heavy mouthpieces: mass" cups that would fit around trombone mouthpieces to give them extra weight. The economy offering from Conn-Selmer, the Prelude Flute is excellent for the beginning . The added weight of the headjoint helps keep the sound centered and rich. Helleberg Series Tuba Mouthpiece J.K. Rowling's story will mesmerize your audiences, featuring James Newton Howard's music from the hit movie. Includes fingering chart, cleaning rod, swab and carry bag. Composed by James Newton Howard This beginner's model from Conn-Selmer, the Prelude is built to be durable and Helleberg Series Tuba Mouthpiece.

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