How to get elekid crystal

Posted on 29.08.2018 - Reality Check

If you're lucky, you may get it from the egg the Pokemon Day Care Center gives you the first time you visit them. Are you that far into the game?. Three Trainers' Elekid appeared in Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!. Two Trainers' Elekid A Trainer's Elekid appeared in Getting the Band Back Together!. A Trainer's. In the beginning you go to Mr. Pokemon; he gives you an egg. Go to Professor Elm and he lets you keep it.

Where do you find Electabuzz on Pokemon Crystal???, Pokemon Crystal Questions There is another way to get Electabuzz besides outside the power plant. Pokédex entry for # Elekid containing stats, moves learned, evolution chain, Local №, (Gold/Silver/Crystal) You'll get a shocking jolt if you touch it!. All the moves that # Elekid can learn in Generation 2 (Gold, Silver, Crystal).

Okay, I have been trying to get a shiny elekid. It said that there was a 14 percent chance to get a shiny elekid. Problem is I don't know what a. Odd Egg Pokémon don't have very good DVs, if I remember right. That means Electabuzz's stats will be off the maxes in different categories. Crystal, Elekid, Erekiddo. Classification, Type 1, Type 2, Height, Weight. Electric Pokémon, Electric, N/A, 2'00" (m), 52lbs (kg). Pokédex Description.