Martin omalley was governor of what state

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Martin Joseph O'Malley (born January 18, ) is an American politician and attorney who O'Malley served as the chair of the Democratic Governors Association from to , while being governor of In , O'Malley ran for the Maryland State Senate in the 43rd State Senate District in northeast Baltimore. He has served as the Governor of Maryland, Mayor of Baltimore, and a city serve on the staff of the state's first female United States Senator, Barbara Mikulski. Governor O'Malley expanded opportunities for all Marylanders. The state ranks # 2 in the nation for African-American median household income, and #2 for.

Martin O'Malley was sworn in as governor of Maryland on January 16, In , O'Malley was appointed assistant state's attorney for the city of Baltimore. During eight years as governor, Martin O'Malley earned a reputation for tardiness in convening meetings of the Board of Public Works. Delays. Martin O'Malley is the currently the governor of Maryland and the former mayor of Baltimore. Martin O'Malley in no hurry for his State House portrait.

Martin O'Malley coverage from the Baltimore Sun. While serving as Maryland's governor, Larry Hogan has made a killing as a real estate a small handful of Maryland state retirees suing Maryland for the terms of the state pension reform. Father of four, husband, Former Governor of Maryland and Mayor of Baltimore. George H.W. Bush Honored at U.S. Capitol Rotunda for State Funeral. He will. photos. Governor O'Malley's last Board of Public Works meeting . 34 photos . Governor Host a Reception for the National Assoc. of Secretaries of State. Martin O'Malley is the governor of Maryland and the former mayor of Baltimore. entrepreneurship (one of the top two states for science and technology), and.