What if dogs wore pants

Posted on 28.08.2018 - Reality Check

If a Dog Wore Pants is an illustration of a dog wearing pants on all four legs juxtaposed with the same dog wearing pants on his hind quarters. Browse the best of our 'If a Dog Wore Pants' image gallery and vote for your favorite!. How would a dog wear pants meme answer How would a dog If owner doesn't claim he'll be available for adoption, pants not included.”.

There were Twitter polls and great debates over the dog pants issue. If a dog wore pants, he would wear them on his hind legs and he'd be. If you asked canines, they'd probably tell you they'd rather not wear them at A goofy graphic depicting a dog wearing pants two different ways. Because the purpose of pants is to cover the legs, and dogs have four legs. Ipso facto, any pants a dog would wear should cover all four legs.

The question is simple: if a dog wore pants, would it wear them on its hind legs or on all four legs? On the one hand, it seems totally logical that. If you already answered this, there are more serious questions in life: How would a ferret wear a tube top? tough-questions-funny-if-dog-wear-pants