Battlefield 3 how to unlock m1911 pistol

Posted on 11.09.2018 - Sport

Very detailed and good explanation by one of your Heros vozdejubilo.com t5/Battlefield-3/help-accessing-M/m-p/#M Regards, Libever. Solved: I have played bad company 2 and i still don't get the m Can u help me?. Can anyone tell me how to unlock the M for use in the multi player I'm not buying another copy of BF3 just for a fucking pistol that I really.

Hey everybody.. make sure you get your free M Pistol unlock for Battlefield 3 from EA's Gun Club! vozdejubilo.com Get up close and. You can only unlock the M in Battlefield 3's Multiplayer through EA's Gun Club. Sign in using your EA Account, or redeem a code for the. I want to get the m but there's not a gun club? Help (aside from the M S-TAC, which is unlocked through an End Game assignment).

Okay so I've been wanting this gun for quite awhile, and I'm signed up for the ea gun club stuff. And it doesn't really tell me how to unlock this weapon for.