How to adjust coilovers

Posted on 26.08.2018 - Sport

There are two different kinds of coilovers that we offer; partially threaded coilovers and fully threaded coilovers. Read on to learn how to adjust. Now that you have your new coilovers installed, now what? Where do you start with the ride height adjustment and how do you know where to. Meaning that when the ride height is adjusted, it is completely independent from any other adjustment made. Many coilovers adjust the height of the vehicle.

We all know someone who has coilovers and goes to a shop once, maybe twice a year to get their coilovers raised and lowered for “winter mode” or lowered for. So I thought I'd take the opportunity whilst lowering a friend's car to show you the correct way to adjust ride height using the spring seat. Autocraze offers and provides the best advice and expertise in adjusting coilovers whether you're looking to buy new coilovers or learning more we can help!.