How to find your printer driver version

Posted on 15.10.2018 - Sport

Left click the driver file. Left click on properties. Click on the details tab. Inside you will find the file version and product version of the file. Open the printer properties dialog box. Click the [Setup] tab. Click [About]. The [ About] dialog box appears. Check the version. Reference. Two Types of Printer. When you install the printer driver by connecting the USB cable, the full installation of the Brother original printer driver may not have been.

Knowing which driver version is currently installed on your system is useful to check whether an updated driver is available. Updated drivers. Find a driver's version number in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP with Print. Screenshot of driver information in Windows 10 Device Manager. If you've gotten that far, look for the tab that says "about" an click that. It will give you driver information. Some printers won't have the "about" tab.

For bit (x86) versions of Windows XP, the system type is To select the correct printer driver to download, you must know the make and. Device drivers enable Mac OS X to send instructions to a printer. Like any software, however, drivers can contain bugs that affect hardware performance. This document is created to guide user on how to find the device driver version in Windows 8 or Windows vozdejubilo.com document is created to guide. Whenever you connect and install a new printer on your computer, you need a driver in order to print documents to the printer. However.