How to get an ea ideas

Posted on 21.02.2019 - Sport

That being said, we have thousands of employees worldwide who are also developing new ideas for games and game features. Some of these. Solved: I have an idea for a new game expanded from a current game. Who would I talk to via email please?. For the third year in a row, EA Canada, the Electronic Arts development studio based in Burnaby, B.C., was atop the Develop list.

If it's an idea for a new game they are not interested. An average AAA Dev team has over a hundred creative people, each of which have. I may have a way to bring back the NCAA franchise profit sharing. Delayed accounts for players and immediate for schools if interested I can explain better just. offline icons is my idea as well I'm asking me in my post. 0 .. Fifa (EA) has become more of a commercial vehicle to drive interest for Fifa & its.

β€œIn hindsight,” he says, β€œI'd have rather just stayed at EA.” Thirty years after EA was founded, many of the ideas that Hawkins espoused have come to fruition. EA Sports' Florida studio has turned to an internal game jam to come a one- year hiatus to get it ready for a next-gen console launch in You don't think companies like EA has thousands or even millions of ideas pitched to them by formally uneducated hopeful's such as yourself?. When running a publicly-held video game mega-publisher made up of around 7, employees, executives at Electronic Arts have the.