How to play radio on ipod nano

Posted on 04.01.2019 - Sport

Originally, the iPod nano was strictly a device for playing MP3s and podcasts you downloaded to it. If you wanted to listen to live radio, you. Instructions Step 1: Consider buying an iPod nano Consider buying an iPod nano While it doesn't have an FM tuner, iPod Touch streaming radio apps can be. While some people enjoy listening to MP3 and other audio files on an iPod, there are some people who still like (quite the old school method) to listen to radio.

Hi, Can anyone help me figure this out? I'm trying to get the FM radio on my iPod Nano 4th gen. 8gb. When I go to the main page on my iPod. Can someone please tell me if you can listen to FM stations on the 4th Gen Nano ? Or, is there a part that can be purchased to enable this?. The iPod nano allows you to play different types of media, such as music, videos and podcasts. The device also comes with a radio option, giving you the ability.

Among the iPod range of models, only the iPod Nano comes with an integrated FM radio receiver that you can access with the "Radio" app on the iPod's home. Explains how to listen to FM radio on the iPod nano, iPod 5G, and iPod classic models with the iPod Radio Remote as well as info on the iPod nano 5G. You can now listen to your favorite radio stations on the new iPod nano. You can use the iPod nano's FM Radio feature to tune in a specific station or use Seek.