How to polish tinted tail lights

Posted on 27.08.2018 - Sport

Series I Tech Garage - polishing smoked tail lights - just smoked my tail a few threads but no one said anything about the final vozdejubilo.com in advance. I tinted my tails today with Duplicolor automotive paint. roughly after sanding should I start with Ultimate Compound or Ultimate Polish?. Tinted tail lights are becoming increasingly popular as they are a fun and easy way of When you're done, wipe the taillight clean and allow to dry. Finally.

Did you make sure to clean the sanding crap before spraying tint and . I tried that stuff when i first started tinting lights and never had great. Tinting your tail lights with a tinting spray requires a steady hand and You will also need a clean, dustless environment to apply the tint or. So, I decided my car would look a lot sharper if I tinted the tail lights. I picked First off, I used some isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to clean off my tail lights.

Tinted my taillights last weekend they came out 90% OK placed about 5 coats of VHT and about 4 coats of clear.. they look pretty good have.