How to use xyron design runner ink

Posted on 28.08.2018 - Sport

Design Runner Ink. Delete All. Design Runner Ink Cartridge. Design Runner Ink Cartridge. Shop now for Xyron Design Runner black ink cartridge. Ref.: 5. Be sure to place the Design Runner back on its docking station when not in use to help protect the print head and keep the ink cartridge from drying out. With the Xyron Design Runner you can print beautiful WordArt, borders and Print on different types of surfaces such as wood and fabric; Ink cartridge lasts one Starter Disc with 40 designs, two 9-Volt batteries, one user manual and idea .

This Onyx black ink cartridge is designed for use with the Xyron Design Runner. This cartridge will print approximately 5, inches with proper storage in the. XYRON Design Runner Handheld Printer With Base Black ink and 1 xyron greetings Design runner "Disc" memory card Also instructions manual. This device is a mini handheld printer, using a optical-mouse type motion Back to the story of the XDR (Xyron Design Runner). but the world tolerates ink that costs more than gold) are becoming harder and harder to find.

Onyx Black Ink; Acid Free; Non-Toxic; Photo safe; Protective dock keeps ink cartridge from drying out; For use with the Xyron Design Runner (sold separately) .