Hugh jones baby shaq born where

Posted on 26.10.2018 - Sport

Hugh Jones. Baby Shaq Born: March Height/Weight: / Lbs. Hometown: Washington D.C.. Position Forward. Hugh - BABY SHAQ - Jones was . One of the ballers highlighted on the team is Washington, D.C., native Hugh Jones, better known by his court name,“Baby Shaq. Jones is a 6'3, pound beast who got his nickname "Baby Shaq" in school when teammates said he would grab every rebound that came off.

Hugh Jones may refer to: Hugh Jones (bishop) (–), bishop of Llandaff; Hugh Jones (priest) (c. –), British religious leader; Hugh Jones ( Archdeacon of Essex) (died ); Hugh Jones (runner) (born. In the yard of Alcatraz, history repeated itself on Saturday night as Hugh 'Baby Shaq' Jones, an athletic 6-foot-3 streetball legend from. ack in junior high in Washington, D.C., Hugh Jones copped MVP honors at D.C's prestigious Goodman earned the nickname Baby Shack because he was League in grabbing all 50, the score was settled and a nickname was born.

Bradley Beal and Hugh Jones aka "Baby Shaq" after a hard fought battle versus each other. Half Man Half Amazing. Eric Holmes Spinmaster. John Humphrey Helicopter . Troy Jackson Escalade. Hugh Jones Baby Shack. Tony Jones Go Get It.