What is the file of life program

Posted on 05.11.2018 - Sport

File of Life provides medical information of allergies, medications and more to number of cities and towns have implemented the program. Download a File of Life form HERE. *If you would like a refrigerator magnet sleeve, please contact the Community Education Specialist at () That's the idea behind our File of Life program. The File of Life is a red plastic pocket where you can list your current medications and other information that will .

The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service cares and is pleased to introduce a community initiative entitled the "File of Life" program. The File of Life . Fire Department. The File Of Life (FOL), a medical information packet, is kept on the outside of a refrigerator. It is designed to provide emergency personnel with the necessary.

The Brewster Fire Department would like to remind our residents of the availability of participating in our popular File of Life program. The File of Life is an. The File of Life is a voluntary program designed to help your local first responders to quickly obtain in an emergency your necessary medical history, your. The File of Life program has continued for the past 12 years. Business First of Buffalo has honored STHCS as a Health Care Hero for distributing more than. The “File of Life” is a miniature medical history that is kept in a red plastic sleeve with a magnetic strip. Once the history card is filled out, it is placed back in the.