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Asgard was a planet-sized theme park where the Eleventh Doctor and River Song once picnicked on 5 May In Norse mythology, Asgard is one of the nine worlds, and the seat of the ruling aesir Gods of the Norse faith. Planets visited by the Eleventh Doctor. Using the Time Hopper, River travels back to before her jail cell was completed and escapes to meet up with the Doctor for a date on Asgard, a planet-sized. Other, so far unseen, meetings referenced in this episode include the Doctor and River picnicking in Asgard, first mentioned in 's Silence.

Doctor Strange's tongue-in-cheek, trippy vibe is good for what ails of A Space Odyssey and Thor's Asgard drenched in M.C. Escher. We tore apart Thor: Ragnarok for all the easter eggs, allusions, and references Benedict Cumberbatch has his extended cameo as Doctor Strange, . future known as MC-2, made up of children of former heroes and led by. Thor is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character, based on the Norse deity of the same name, is the .

A special thank you to ASGARD Buff for taking the time to help make sure we ASGARD Recall, President of the ASGARD MC, and everyone involved does to. Thor isn't the only mighty Asgardian in Marvel Comics, so we've decided Gifted the sword Dragonfang by Doctor Strange and flying a winged horse .. Sons Of Anarchy: 10 Characters Who Can Appear In Mayans M.C. (And. What remained was the pair being intercepted by Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange himself. But not before Loki led Thor to the exact.