How to get calcified fragment xviii

Posted on 02.09.2018 - Tech

Calcified Fragments - Destiny: This page contains all of the Calcified Use your Ghost to jump across the invisible platforms to get to the far. Story - Regicide: XVIII, XXIV - XXV, XXVII. Load up the Regicide mission on the Dreadnaught to find the next lot of Calcified Fragments. How to find all 50 Calcified Fragment collectibles in Destiny: The done with Calcified Fragments XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX.

How to find the first ten Calcified Fragments in Destiny: The Taken King. Calcified Fragment XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX How to. Calcified Fragment Cross it, deal with any enemies, and head to the left. Go to the strut nearby the fire-fall. Look on the right-hand side of it. Hello Cedi, You have the Grimoire card, so you've collected the fragment on at least one character. Where on Bungie does it say you don't.

Could you screenshot your Advisors section so we can see which fragments you do and don't have? You've gotten it on one of your characters.