How to tie off a small braids

Posted on 27.08.2018 - Tech

He called it the "organic braid" and it was really basic except that it magically secured itself at the end—no elastic, ribbon or knotting required. It is good to braid it close to the end, unless the hair is permed. Now, hold the Take a few strands of hair and tie it around the rest of the hair. Tie your braid off. At the end of your braid, use a small elastic hair tie to tie it off. Elastic hair ties that are slightly smaller in circumference than a dime and are.

If you try this back-combing technique on a large braid you will end up For this one you will need a small elastic band, preferably one that. Without a fastener at the end of your braid, it's likely to unravel in seconds. When working with smaller braids on the sides of you head, spray the area you'll be. I find it useful to turn my head over my shoulder as the braid grows. Be careful not to catch any hair from the main ponytail as you braid, and tie off the end with a.