How to use kong treats

Posted on 16.01.2019 - Tech

The key is to stuff loosely so that the food will come out of the toy easily. To entice your dog, try using a little bit of peanut butter or their favorite treat in the KONG. See the recipes below for creative KONG-stuffing ideas. Use small pieces of kibble or treats that will fall out of the. Here's 39 healthy snacks & treats you can stuff in a Kong to give your You can use all sorts of snacks and treats, and below you'll find a list of.

Dog owners often fill their KONG with treats and kibble in hopes of keeping Sure, you can use the expensive fillers sold at the pet store but. Use your finger to line the inside of the. Kong with something sticky (like peanut butter or honey) then toss medium- sized dog treats inside -- the kind that. You already found some interesting things to stuff inside your dog's Kong chew toy. You might use a piece of your dog's food or part of a dog treat, a glob of.