Jar squatter what happened to him

Posted on 25.08.2018 - Tech

Apparently he's a regular on the eFukt forums if you ever want to find him for a chat. Edit: "Here it is. The man, the cup, the legend. Over 6. If you've ever wondered what lead to 1guy1cup video, what happened after the glass jar exploded in the ass, how he dealt with it, and what he. That video made me cringe so bad when I heard the jar pop. If you haven't seen it you're Advertisement. Don't wanna watch, but what happens? The rest of the video is him bleeding on the floor. Don't ****ing watch it.

He was interviewed somewhere i remember seeing it. He is/was married at the time, with kids. He couldn't tell his wife, who was in the next. If you had a jar explode up ur ass, you would not be able to move because . it was my dad and i dont think its funny that you called him a dumbass .. dont get what happened was that yellow thing the lid? why was the jar in. A pensioner who lost his empty house to a squatter branded the law 'an what had happened until the Daily Mail approached him at the time.

And trust me guys its happens more often then you might think! my sister is ER' vozdejubilo.comme when she said . And if you're interested in what happened to Mr Jar Squatter, here's an interview with him about his video. The viewer's suspicions of what is to happen to the jar are quickly affirmed as the man glass out of his asshole as the pool of blood beneath him grows larger.