What does recte age nil time meanings

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Contextual translation of "recte age nil time" into English. Human translations with examples: no time. English. do right fear nothing. Last Update: I just never really thought that I'd find the time to do one. I will say that this . She was offended and said, "What is that supposed to mean?. RECTE AGE NIL TIME The words gave me a strange feeling. I thought It came to me that ifI could find out the meaning of those words, I would know. I set the.

Read The Call by: Regina Spektor from the story The Meaning of Songs by Horsejedi with +. Follow, comment, tap that star, and Recte Age, Nil Time. +. well, nihil timendum est would mean more like nothing is to be feared. maybe nihil Quote: Fac recte et nil time - Do rightly and fear nothing. Translation for: 'pulchre!, bene!, recte! avarus, nisi cum moritur, nil recte facit · a miser does nothing right except when he dies · b.v. (bene vale) · farewell.

It's Latin, Bro:P Means, Do right, Fear Nothing ;) Recte Age Nil Time. What's that dude? Rai · gngrxx · over 1 year ago. It's Latin, Bro:P Means, Do right, Fear. Age quod agis - Do what you do well, pay attention to what you are doing. Age. Fac ut gaudeam .. Auspicium melioris œvi - A pledge of better times. Aut disce aut discede .. Confide rectè agens - Doing rightly be confident. Confido - I trust . De vivis nil nisi verum - Of the living speak nothing but what is true. Debonnaire -. Like Colin Powell, I have come to the time in life when it is important to have a coat coat of arms that reads "Fac recte et nil time" (Do right and fear nothing). In the slang of this war, "Hadji" has the same meaning to US soldiers of a Russian childhood, Speak, Memory, he recalls its birth, at the age of 7.