You cubed how close to 100

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Some youcubians have made grids of and added dice, others have adapted it to let the grid represent %. Please post how you use this task with your. My pupils love playing this game. We have now added another dice to the game which tells them what number fact to write at the end. How Close to ? 1. ______ x ______= ______. 6. ______ x ______= ______. 2. ______ x ______= ______. 7. ______ x ______= ______. 3. ______ x.

Fostering “Mathusiasm” with Jo Boaler's Task “How Close to a ?” IMG_ Good to have you back math nerds! And if you're just checking. game where students practice generating arrays while trying to get close to YouCubed .. Multiplication Games ~ Learn Times Tables While You Move. An adaptation of the "How Close to " YouCubed activity that can be done in Google Sheets. (Alice Keeler.

In the YouCubed study Visual Math Improves Math Performance, Boaler shares: In a ground breaking How Close to ? This activity lets. with the help of Cathy Williams, co-founder youcubed, & Amanda Confer. Stanford .. own number grid. Play moves forward to see who can get closest to