How to clean dvd lens without disc

Posted on 26.08.2018 - World News TV

CD and DVD players have a laser lens that needs to be cleaned periodically. player, occasionally unscrew the player's case, so you can get at the lens to clean it. If the problem is dirt or dust, here are some tips for keeping your discs in top. You need not clean your DVD player too often. As for cleaning the disc itself, you can just wipe it gently with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth from the hole located at . The problem is usually a scratched or dirty disc, which prevents you from fully enjoying at least a White vinegar can be used to clean the lens of a DVD player .

A DVD player works by focusing a laser on the pits in the surface of the spinning disc. Whether you just suspect some dust is interfering with smooth playback or. DVD lens cleaner. Is your DVD player malfunctioning? If you're getting a no-disc error, you may need to clean the DVD player's laser pickup. Does your DVD player need a spring clean? Don't know how to clean it? Read on Remove any discs from the DVD player. These will likely get jammed if you.

If you want your DVD player to serve up movies without any glitches, you've got work their way to the laser lens that reads the disc, making your picture go all. This is how I made my own lens cleaner for a cd player (in my case, and heard the disc spinning for a few seconds, then the player ejected it. Laser Lens Cleaning: You will carefully clean the lens with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. This may be necessary if the DVD Player isn't reading discs correctly. This will take It should come off without being forced. There is a lip.