How to make homemade vht track bite

Posted on 10.11.2018 - World News TV

PJ1 TrackBite is common in the drag racing world. drag racing forum has at least one thread in which people discuss how to make your own. anyone know if there's ingredients i can buy in bulk to make a similar compound to track prep? I always thought VHT smelled like fruit loops. Drag Racing - Homemade VHT/Traction compound - I can't seem to get a home made recipe most of the tracks around me don't prep need to.

Could this be used as an alternative to VHT TrackBite? Believe me it works, I have use it for years when I dont have track bite. Street racers. And does Trackbite work on your normal street tires? right by the start line to help with traction, it's not something you do to your wheels:lol: .. a radio control car race day and in extreme cases we would use VHT trackbite. I have the MSDS for PJ1 trackbite and it is mostly Isopropanol (70% IIRC) Any ideas on what to mix with the isopropanol to get a sticky solution?.

Any homemade trackbite type solutions? Re: Home Made Traction Compound. The main ingredient in vht is high fructose corn syrup. Chassis and Suspension - homemade launch pad/ glue - Say, in theory, Is it as easy as purchasing some vht track bite and a weed sprayer?.