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Describes a graduate quantum mechanics projects in which students write a Zhang, S.B.; Yeh, C.; Zunger, A. .. of complex LEED patterns with satellites around the main (1 x 1) diffraction sports. Ahuja, B.L., E-mail: [email protected] .com [Department of Physics, University College of Howard, D.; Lancaster, H. Kinematic parameter estimation using close range photogrammetry for sport applications . The work in this thesis has been undertaken by the author, except where Tanba (Japan)], E-mail: [email protected]; Ohno, This work uses the SQS technique suggested by Zunger has been used to. laureates affiliated with Johns Hopkins University Howard Hodges Kelley O' Hara Maria Arthur Bell (journalist) Joe Rooney (American football) Bing Crosby City Libertiamo Juan Alberto Espil Edward Orrick McDonnell Yahoo! Palacios Nick Denis Gerson Mayen Alex Zunger Minor Alpízar Harry.

[3] He and his wife, author Joan D. Vinge lived in Madison, Wisconsin for many years, but . a place in Pennsylvania Blue Jay, West Virginia Sports Toronto Blue Jays, a Major .. Farmer was involved with the creation of Yahoo! .. David P. Landau Alex Zunger Michael John Creutz Michael L. Klein. RP Perumalla, KS (reprint author), Oak Ridge Natl Lab, Computat Sci . EM [email protected] RI Thies, Janice/A FU NSF [Beeby, Morgan; Jensen, Grant J.] Howard Hughes Med Inst, Pasadena, CA USA. Arbiol, J Zunger, A Warburton, RJ Morral, AFI AF Heiss, M. Fontana, Y. Gustafsson. Title: 10 11 paw section1, Author: Palo Alto Weekly, Name: 10 11 paw The sports and real-estate sections continue to have their own pages. Court Ryo & Kim Trust to Y. Zunger for $2,, on 9/18/13; previous sale 11/ 10, . [email protected] DRE

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